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    Survival of SEO’s Fittest – How to Outrun Lions

    Two guys are in the jungle when they see a lion running towards them. Frantically, one of the men starts putting on his running shoes.

    Surprised, the other man says “What are you thinking, you can’t outrun a lion!!!”

    “I don’t have to outrun the lion,” said the man, “I just have to outrun you.”

    This story is very relevant to SEO strategy.

    It’s not always necessary to be the best or the fastest or the strongest in the jungle – you don’t have to be able to outrun the lion – you just need to be a little better than your competition.

    This idea is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re looking at the SEO Competition Matrix inside Market Samurai – or considering an SEO strategy.

    There is no such thing as the “perfectly optimised” website or the “perfect SEO strategy” – there is always something more you can do; more backlinks to get, more content to post.

    So the goal is to just do what it takes to be better than your competitors. In fact, doing this can mean you achieve better results without ever wasting excess effort.

    read more http://www.noblesamurai.com/blog/seo-analysis/search-engine-strategy-1249


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