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    Tea party protesters use racial epithet against Georgia’s John Lewis

    WASHINGTON — Demonstrators outside the U.S. Capitol , angry over the proposed health care bill, shouted “nigger” Saturday at U.S. Rep. John Lewis , a Georgia congressman and civil rights icon who was nearly beaten to death during an Alabama march in the 1960s.

    The protesters also shouted obscenities at other members of the Congressional Black Caucus , lawmakers said.

    “They were shouting, sort of harassing,” Lewis said. “But, it’s okay, I’ve faced this before. It reminded me of the 60s. It was a lot of downright hate and anger and people being downright mean.”

    Lewis said he was leaving the Cannon office building across from the Capitol when protesters shouted “Kill the bill, kill the bill,” Lewis said.

    read more http://news.yahoo.com/s/mcclatchy/3457015



  • Anthony 5:15 am on March 21, 2010 | # | Reply

    Just because he faced it before doesn’t make it okay!

    • ObenNation.com 5:28 am on March 21, 2010 | # | Reply

      Yea Anthony,

      Certainly a very interesting development. We’ll have to see how this story unfolds.

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