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    CAPITAL CULTURE: Smoot’s girl-next-door nice, fun
    WASHINGTON – It’s the grind that every politician dreads: working the phones, hour after hour, asking people for campaign money.

    Of all the gushy things that fans of Julianna Smoot have to say about the Obamas’ new social secretary, the most telling may be that she could make even “the ask” seem fun.

    “She’d place the call, get the person on the phone for you and just make you feel good about it,” says former Democratic Sen. Tom Daschle of South Dakota, whose losing re-election campaign in 2004 pulled in millions with Smoot as fundraiser. “Pretty soon you’d be laughing.”

    In choosing Smoot to be the new overlord of the White House social scene — her first day is Monday — the Obamas have selected someone with an enviable list of not-on-the-resume qualities that have everything to do with her track record as one of the best fundraisers on the planet.

    read more http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_julianna_smoot


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