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    Health Care Bill: Political Winners & Losers
    An Early Look at Who’s In and Who’s Out with Passage of Democrats’ Health Care Overhaul

    Passage of the health care overhaul billhas sent ripple effects through the political world and the nation’s health care system, with Democrats hailing a legislative victory and Republicans promising to have it overturned.

    The House bill passed without a single Republican voting “yes.”But the politics of the historic and controversial bill – which passed by a narrow vote of 219 to 212 – will continue to play out, as analysts examine where the chips fall on what President Obama has called the “tallies of Washington winners and losers.”

    Here’s an early look by ABC News’ political team on who stands to gain – and lose out — in the wake of the new law and a bruising health care reform battle:

    read more http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/HealthCare/health-care-bill-political-winners-losers/story?id=10169856


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