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    American Idol’ Does Not Use Its Newfound Life Preserver

    Tonight on ‘American Idol‘ Lacey Brown, the 24-year-old Texan with the La Roux looks and the tremulous voice, was sent home after last night’s too-perky take on “Ruby Tuesday.” Sure, it was only the second-worst performance of ‘Idol’’s inaugural (and one hopes final) Rolling Stones night. But Tim Urban, whose frat-house meditation on “Under My Thumb” still unnerves me 24 hours after he debuted it on TV, has the advantage of being a cute boy, which has seemed to be a very helpful factor when it comes to saving less-than-deserving ‘Idol’ contestants in recent years.

    Accompanying the news of Brown’s departure was the revelation that, once again, the four celebrities tasked with telling the singers whether or not they were any good, or at least “commercial” enough, would be able to overrule the public once again this year with the old “judges’ save,” a neat bit of theater that shows how the seemingly democratic ‘Idol’ is in fact a dictatorship of sorts — although at least it adds a little bit of extra drama to the last five minutes of the dreadful ‘Idol’ elimination episodes



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