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    The Gender Pay Gap–New Opportunities for Women

    Many discoveries are made by mistake. Penicillin. Rubber. Even Post-it Notes.

    Here’s one more: unintended results from business school researchers have provided more insight into the decades-old discussion of why men earn more than women.

    Kevin Clark and Patrick Maggitti of Villanova University and Holly Slay of Seattle University looked to research relationships among business networks. They were not targeting gender or potential impacts gender might have. But gender did have an impact in workplace relationships–an impact they could not ignore. Especially when the impact was on pay.

    The State of Affairs

    According to the Census Bureau, among full-time workers age 25 or older in 2007, women earned an average of $33,759 which was 24% less than the $46,788 average for men.

    Are Men Better Brown-Nosers?

    The group looked at the influence of relationships that are 360 degrees around an employee–superiors, peers, and subordinates. It found that men build stronger relationships in all three situations which lead to an increased wage gap between men and women. Researchers controlled for starting salaries, job level, and industry.

    Relationships with subordinates had the greatest perceived impact on pay. In other words, if you connect with those below you, they will perform well, make you look good to your boss, and you get a raise. But this trail didn’t exist for women.

    “We speculate that in some cases, men that are bosses make stronger attachments to the male employees,” said Maggitti. “You get along better with people who are similar. That’s one potential explanation.”

    read more http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2010/03/25/gender-pay-gap-new-opportunities-for-women/?icid=main|aim|dl4|link3|http%3A%2F%2Fjobs.aol.com%2Farticles%2F2010%2F03%2F25%2Fgender-pay-gap-new-opportunities-for-women%2F


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