Diamond coated Mario can be yours for $2600

Want to show the world you love both video games AND bling?

Then head over to this eBay listing and drop a few gold coins on what might be the fanciest Mario we’ve ever seen.

Covered with diamonds, the 4.25 carat, solid yellow gold pendant is listed with a ‘buy it now’ price of a mere $2600. Of course, you can always bid on it instead if you consider $2600 to be too cheap. Besides, free shipping!

The pendant is just the latest ludicrously priced video game item to hit the auction site. A recent listing for an old Nintendo Entertainment System and a bunch of games fetched a whopping $13,000 when keen eyes saw the ultra-rare collector’s item Stadium Events included in the package, though that paled next to the staggering $41,000 nabbed by a seller lucky enough to have found a sealed copy of the game in his basement.

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